Bük Spa

Bük Spa is one of the most popular spas of Hungary with a high reputation. It is a west hungarian settlement laying at the foot of the Eastern Alps situated 100 kilometres from Vienna and 220 kilometres from Budapest.

The medical water of Bük Spa belongs to the group of termal water which includes calcium, magnesium and hydrogen-carbonate. Breaking out into the surface from the depth of 1282 metres with 55 °C temperature the thermal water is in abundence of calcium, magnesium and fluorin and encompasses lots of carbon dioxide gas. It is recommended as a treatment of locomotive disorder and as completion of rehabilitation for calcification, cartilage wear, lumbago and after orthopaedic and nerve surgery.

Bük Spa awaits its guests with 19 swimming pools (6 indoor polls, 12 outdoor pools and a semi-outdoor one) in beautiful environment on 13 hectars.