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Aszú VendégházOur brand new built Aszú Guesthouse located on 11th Gyurácz street is 1500 metres from the thermal bath and 400 metres from the center of Bük.

Our guesthouse consists of a spare room for 2 and one for 4 people and of an apartment for 2 and one for 4 people. To both of our exacting equipped spare rooms belongs a shower and toilet, a television and a terrace. Our familiar apartments go with well-equipped kitchen aswell. The cars of our guests can be parked in our own court.

There are lots of possibilities for sporting and having fun here cycling, playing tennis, horse riding, fishing, hunting, playing golf (in one of the most beautiful golf-courses in Europe) taking part therewith in various cultural events in the summer time or visiting the countryside (Sopron, the Fertő-lake, the castle of Fertőd, Nagycenk, Kőszeg, Győr, Pannonhalma).